Weike Group

Leadership Team

Weike Group is led by a dedicated team of professionals with some of the finest mind across various industries.

Dato Poh Po Lian

Founder and Executive Chairman

Dato Poh is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Weike Group.  As Executive Chairman, he plays a vital role in charting the corporate direction of the entire Group and is responsible for the overall management, strategic planning and business development of our Group.

Dato Poh started his career as an entrepreneur in hospitality and leisure business in Singapore since 1977.  Over the past 30 years, Dato Poh has acquired extensive experience in providing gaming machines solution and knowledge in a number of gaming management roles in ASEAN countries, Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China.  As the Founder of our Group since February 1998, he contributed significantly to the early stages of Weike Group's development and has been instrumental in the development of the Group and its expansion.

Sneah Kar Loon

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sneah Kar Loon is the Group CEO of Weike Group.  As Group CEO, he oversees all Business Units and Group Management Departments.  Kar Loon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Lawrence University (U.S.A) and a Master of International Management from American Graduate School of International Management.  Prior to joining Weike Group, Kar Loon has worked in established banks and held leading roles in the banking sectors.

Daven Tay Lay Ngee

Group Chief Information Officer

Mr. Daven Tay is the Co-Founder of Weike Group and Executive Director since 1998. During the company’s expansion, he was appointed as Group Chief Information Officer in August 2010 to head the Group Information Technology Portfolio & Special Projects. Mr. Tay has more than 15 years of experiences in product design and development. He has a Master Degree in Technological Design, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Honours Degree and Graduate Diploma Marketing Management.